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April McCamery was born to Dexter and Linda McCamery in Bronx, New York, as the baby of the family to three siblings (Leon, Jaiman, and Vanessa McCamery). When she was twelve years old, she gave her life to the Lord. She discovered her gift in writing when her seventh-grade English teacher pulled her to the side and personally complimented her on her short story called Oops. April began ministering and preaching the Gospel at the age of sixteen. She graduated from City College of New York with a bachelor’s degree in English (major) and theater (minor). So April is not only a writer, but she has many talents such as performing as an actress.
April enjoys walking with the Lord, knowing that she doesn’t have to worry about the daily cycles of life, because every day is new with the everlasting Father. In this book, April shares the wonderful things she has learned about the Father, and it’s a life that many are not familiar with. The Bible says, “O, taste and see that the Lord is good.” She heard his heart, tasted his tears, felt his intimacy, and found out that he is good. Creatively, she writes poetry about what the Father shares with her and about her life experiences with him. She knows he is love. April says as a life seeker, “Who am I? I am nothing but who God says I am.” Now April’s creative writing has come to life in a book, called From Death to Life: The Life Seeker, which was published by Christian Faith Publishing. Now other can read and learn what life really is.

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