The Invisible War (Continues)

The Invisible War continues!

April McCamery

The Hidden Secret

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The grip of death, beathed it’s toxic air, trying to choke me alive. He found out that I knew the one secret, the one and only escape. I called for the Invisible King, and the Invisible enemy through dust in my eyes. I took hold to the wall, and I felt along the walls to find a cue of where I stood. But the wall is flat and not giving much color in my mind of exactly where I was at. So, the enemy used the blank wall in my mind to paint lies. The pain from the dust in my eye supporting the lies that my end is now. He laughed his laugh and began poking and shoving me. I can’t see, but he is the invisible enemy. His vacuuming mouth started to suck the life out of my lungs…

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