The Invisible War (Continues)

The Hidden Secret

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The grip of death, beathed it’s toxic air, trying to choke me alive. He found out that I knew the one secret, the one and only escape. I called for the Invisible King, and the Invisible enemy through dust in my eyes. I took hold to the wall, and I felt along the walls to find a cue of where I stood. But the wall is flat and not giving much color in my mind of exactly where I was at. So, the enemy used the blank wall in my mind to paint lies. The pain from the dust in my eye supporting the lies that my end is now. He laughed his laugh and began poking and shoving me. I can’t see, but he is the invisible enemy. His vacuuming mouth started to suck the life out of my lungs, he wants my air. With short breaths, I kept feeling along the wall to find a familiar clue of where I stood. Ouch! He struck my back, legs and stomach so that I can lose my balance and breath. Every feeling, emotion, thought, attack, and sight supporting his words that he uttered, that there is no hope. He plucked my ribs like stings of a guitar, but he couldn’t grip my heart. He got into my head, eyes, and limbs, but couldn’t get in my heart. The secret was hidden in my heart.

A door! I feel a door fame, next a shelf and then a lamp. I know where I am. The colors filled my mind lining out the blueprint and interior design of the room. I remember who I am. I stood up and began to walk without the walls guiding me. The colors filled in the blanks and exposed the lying ugly face in the middle of my living room. I pointed at him. “I see you. Get out! You can’t stay here. You don’t belong here and you’re not welcome in my home. You must go.” He stopped laughing in shock. “Take your lies with you, fear get out, sickness go, depression leave, death lose your strength and give me back my air. I’m going to live.” All his weapons are expose and he can’t use it anymore.

“Invisible King,” I knocked against my breast plate, “you are my King and I need you.” I pointed to the intruder, the invader, the face of death in the middle of my living room. “He afflicted my body, he vexed my home, He polluted my air, he contaminated my surface, he blinded my eyes, he invaded my mind, he tried to strip my identity, and he tried to kill me. But I didn’t lose heart.” I step to the middle of the room where the face was, “King, what are you going to do?”

The clapping trees shouted, “He’s coming, he’s coming,” The King, blew swiftly through the trees into my window. The Invisible King sees help is needed and so I lifted my hands, and he swallowed the ugly face. My eyes open immediately, and I began to breathe. I said, “thank you.” Then the King asked me, “now what are you going to do?”

The invisible King said, “tell everyone I have released my rescue troops, and they are coming to knock on everyone door to deliver seeded grapes to everyone. Those who eat the grapes will be healed and won’t be devoured by the enemy. The seeds of the invisible enemy will suffer in its own ditch. I will breathe and purify the air so all can breathe again. Then the shower drops from my cloud that fall upon everyone’s head will wash their minds of the lie that came from that dark cloud of the devouring enemy. The troops have already been dispatched, now raise your hands if you want the grapes. It’s full service and divine, so no more shedding of our blood.”

Hidden Secret Poem

10/06/2022, I turned 30 years old.
I don’t remember the day because my eyes were closed.
The King said tell everyone I saw the invisible enemy
And his weapons were exposed by the one secret in me.
The Invisible King devour the invisible enemy,
I can breathe, see, eat and my heart still beats
The Invisible King is the one and only escape
From death and he’s coming with a bunch of grapes.
He is coming with seeded grape to heal the land
Passing out grapes to the raised-up hands.
With the Invisible King we don’t have to fight
The King of the Invisible defeat death with life.
Happy Birthday to me and hello to my 30s
I can breathe, see, eat and my heart still beats.
Thank You King.

The Life Seeker
April McCamery


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