Prepared for the rest is

Honeymilk, milky honey.”

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The Invisible War (Continues)

Originally posted on April McCamery:
The Hidden Secret Photo by Ksenia Nechaeva on Pexels.com The grip of death, beathed it’s toxic air, trying to choke me alive. He found out that I knew the one secret, the one and only escape. I called for the Invisible King, and the Invisible enemy through dust in my…


Hidden Secret Poem 10/06/2022, I turned 30 years old. I don’t remember the day because my eyes were closed. The King said tell everyone I saw the invisible enemy And his weapons were exposed by the one secret in me. The Invisible King devour the invisible enemy, I can breathe, see, eat and my heartContinue reading “IS IT TO LATE TO SAY…”

“So this is what life is all about!”

Milk And Honey Poem From Book

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